Please get in touch if you have any questions about any of the work or if you would like to purchase a piece or commission one.

I begin my work with research which results in collections of drawings, writing, photography and books.

Long walks in my neighbourhood lead to photographs of my environment which then lead to sketchbook explorations, written pieces, mock ups and finally finished work.

I was so fortunate to be accepted into the Leeway Residency at Emily Carr University in the fall of 2015. This work involved even more detailed material explorations based on my environment, a deeper sketchbook practice and a series of indigo vat experiments culminating in an exhibition of hand woven work and photography. See my journal for a more detailed description.

The handwovens and stitching collections represent my work in these areas from 2013 onwards. In both cases hand dyeing or printing is sometimes part of the process.

No Day Without a Line is probably my favourite student piece. A short film that I made to express my interest in the process of making rather than a focus on the outcome.