what I did this summer...

It was a summer of playful exploration, making space and finishing up projects. I started the summer by applying the Kon Mari method to my studio. I purged so many old projects, supplies, and frankly, a ton of papers that just weren't making me happy. Re-organizing what was left has given me so many project ideas. If I'm honest, I'm still feeling really burned out by taking on too much at the beginning of the year. I'm working hard to find more balance both personally and creatively.

Part of finding balance includes incorporating more play. Inspired by an online class I took on Creativebug.  I started with watercolour and ended up creating a personal palette. I love mixing colours and discovering new combinations. Starting my days with unstructured colour meditations was amazing! I find in my work that I lean towards neblues and greys and a bit of chartreuse because I understand them and know how I like to use them. Because there was no end product or time crunch I had the mental space to try new combinations. I was surprised with what I found and I'm excited to include my research into new work.


Once my studio was in order and I had made some time to play, I headed off with my boys to an island I hadn't visited in a long time. I was drawn to shadows and rocks both on the island and in our local Japanese gardens. It all seems to be coming together in some way. The creative process is such a mystery. If you give it space to grow and you are aware of all the connections between the mundane and the profound exciting things happen. I'm curious to see what fall brings!