on being a resident artist

I'm into the second week of my residency at the Leeway studio at Emily Carr University. I'm starting gradually, getting up to speed on the practice of sharing a studio again. I'm (literally) up to my elbows in an indigo vat. I'm thinking about how to use the indigo with other dye substances and resists without focusing too much on the outcome. I always aspire to this way of working but my need to predict and plan usually finds its way in. I've been integrating bits and pieces from Maiwa Symposium lectures and books and articles that I've found at the ECUAD library. I'm consciously developing a residency practice that involves mindfully experiencing my environment. I've been taking time to walk a little to and from the studio and document those walks with photos. I feel myself moving slightly away from weaving and heading back to dyeing whole cloth. Although there will likely be a dyed warp in there somewhere, even if it's not woven right away. It's always a back and forth with those two for me.