Another weaving documented. I'm slowly catching up. This one is from last term. I was continuing my exploration into Japanese structures and questioning how we look at intrinsic patterns and materiality. We expect weaving to be structured and rigid but in this case it is less linear in structure and finds an affinity with an unexpected material – rusted steel rectangles that are folded to fit into pockets created by the weave structure. Light from the environment alternates between seeping through the holes in the weaving and being blocked by the steel. Each container or basket holds something requiring further investigation. Upon closer inspection, patterns and details are revealed in the rust patterns.

I was inspired by the sculptural weavings of Lenore Tawney, Kay Sekimachi and Jane Harper as well as a photograph I took of metal bars obscuring a curtain covered window. I imagined the materials exchanging places, where the textile becomes the structure and the metal is secondary. I wanted to create a three dimensional piece that invited tension between different materials while still being mindful of how they interact with each other. I see this piece as a prototype for working in multiples, perhaps with other materials such as plexi-glass, and perhaps on a larger scale. It could be a waterfall or screen type installation piece.